Dienstag, 26. März 2013

edinburgh.sco: The ‚Kiss‘ of Art

Literally a kiss is a physically affectionate act and means to press one’s lips against an object or another person. Originally it was based on the old English word cyssan and in the history of mankind it seems to be a late substitute for the rubbing of noses. In a metaphorical manner ‘a kiss’ can also mean a sort of inspiration, for instance ‘a kiss of the muse’, which brings enlightenment for artists in relation to their work.

Whether you prefer literature, paintings, music, dancing or storytelling, this city provides every artistic possibility you could ever wish for. Behind every corner there are museums, whether of Modern Art or Classical. Due to Scotland’s support for artists Edinburgh has a really impressive collection of art. One of the most memorable pieces on show in the National Gallery of Scotland is ‘The Kiss’ by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, who lived from 1840 to 1917. The approximately two metres high sculpture shows an intense kiss between Paulo Malatesta and Francesca Da Rimini. ‘The Kiss’ refers to Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’ from the fourteenth century. The kissing couple was sentenced to death by Paolo’s older, jealous brother, the husband of Francesca, who recognises a truly deep, tragic love between the lovers. Doubtlessly the pentelic marble sculpture is one of the ‘greatest artistic evocations of physical love’. Rodin, who was famous for his ability to model the human body, was also passioned for showing the realistic, sensitive details of his sculptures. But it’s not only this romantic, physical kiss which spreads its spirit across the city of Edinburgh, it appears that a great divine muse has kissed Scotland’s capital right on the forehead and it appears quite obvious what makes Edinburgh so special for the pilgrimage of many artists. Imagine the ancient old part of Edinburgh, the majestic castle up on a hill in the middle of the city centre, a cobblestone pavement, Scott’s monument, buildings more than 150 years old, imposing churches and tiny paths between the houses. And everything is filled with historic tales or haunted horror stories. Together it enfolds the city with a unique, inspiring character and it is that interaction of a historically rich culture and an affinity to art which creates an incomparable spirit lying all over the city. This leads to one conclusion: Edinburgh simply is a big muse which kisses all its pilgrims, tourists or inhabitants. So you should see Edinburgh with all its artistic environment to get kissed by the muse. Here are some of the most important and impressive places you definitely should visit:

First of all go to the Scottish National Gallery in Princess Street. See the classical impressionists as well as huge portraits for instance by Gavin Hamilton and his ‘Achilles Mourning the Death of Patroclus’. Again of course, don’t miss ‘The Kiss’.

As a complete contrast you should visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art...find out more

CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2013
Dominik Schlett
image by Team Edi March 2013

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Info Praktikum Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh und Barcelona

Die Curso/CTR Praktikumsprogramme Reisejournalismus in Barcelona und Edinburgh zielen ab auf die Verbesserung der reisejournalistischen Fachkenntnisse, der Sprachkenntnisse und der interkulturellen Kompetenz unserer Praktikanten. Zum Abschluss eines Projektes entsteht ein Stadtmagazin, ein Ergebnis auf das die Praktikanten stolz sein können. Unsere Absolventen seit 2007 arbeiten in Online- und Print Redaktionen, für Travel Organisationen, News Agencies oder auch für die CTR Projekte in Europa. Die Praktikanten erhalten ein Zeugnis und können das Magazin als Arbeitsprobe verwenden.

Die Praktikanten schreiben und layouten unter Anleitung von lokalen Journalisten, Layoutern und Projektmanagern aus Barcelona und Edinburgh ein Stadtmagazin, verbessern ihre Englisch- sowie Spanischkenntnisse und verbessern ihre Kompetenzen in interkultureller Kommunikation.
Redaktion Curso/CTR