Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Edinburgh mini

Edinburgh made me dreamy. It filled me with melancholy – luckily a good sort of melancholy, which gives me a sort of trust in my abilities. Nearly everyday I walked through the streets, saw all the different grey shapes ... and maybe for the first time in my life I really enjoyed the moods of November. I visited places like Arthur’s Seat and Greyfriars Cemetery, walked into old book shops, drank a lot of hot chocolate in pretty cafes or beer in famous pubs. And while doing all that, one word popped up in my head over and over again: enchanted.

Staying in Edinburgh – for me – felt like a pause from reality. There are ancient houses which become even more beautiful at night when their windows light up. You have to pass stony streets which sparkle in the rain and where the cars always come from the wrong side. Over the city there sits enthroned the Castle of Edinburgh like a guardian of the past. And at every corner you come across the melodic sound either of the bagpipe or the Scottish language.
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CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2012
Andrin Schumann and image by Miriam Steimer

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