Freitag, 12. April 2013

Behind the Scenes

The Underground Vaults! Do you like haunted places? Do you want to explore hidden areas? Learn more about the early history of Edinburgh? You don´t have to go to a single museum to get all of these experiences at once. Right underneath your feet, when you are standing on the Royal Mile or on nearly every other street in the Old Town, there is everything you are looking for. The Edinburgh vaults have a very long, distinguished, and turbulent history. They are far more than the gruesome places down below the city, where witches officiated over sinister rituals and criminals hid the bodies of their robbed and murdered victims.

Built in the 17th century around the South Bridge, the chambers were thought to be cheap working places for craftsmen. After just seven years of working and living underneath the pulsating streets of Edinburgh, the traders were forced to move out because there was no way to get fresh air into the vaults and it was damp and unhealthy. After the craftsmen moved out, criminals and the poorest of the poor moved in. The living conditions were hard to bear.  Prostitutes, murderers, and the sick made their homes in this disgusting location.

But in the late 18th century occupation of the vaults came to an end – they were closed down and all the people living there had to search for new places to live. About 120 rooms lay forgotten for 100 years. But, fortunately for visitors, the Vaults were rediscovered. Great stories are told there nowadays – of personal fates, mysterious rituals and historical facts. Definitely worth a visit!
Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh
Sina Stahl

The Other Side of Edinburgh...Descend into Edinburgh’s underground vaults, find your way through the Dungeon, hang out at the cemetery, haunted by the worldfamous Mackenzie poltergeist and home of the loyal dog Bobby, and look for the Haggis monster! Listen to Edinburgh’s haunted tales and explore the city’s eerie places!Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh
Layla Ayobi

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